Chertok Investment Group's Investment Philosophy

Chertok Investment Group, Inc. believes the goal of every investor should be to build net worth. Our primary function is to assist clients in choosing an investment strategy best suited toward reaching that goal. We offer the highest level of customer service available, and attention to detail in our commitment to build long-term client relationships.

Chertok Investment Group begins the relationship by developing an in-depth understanding of the client's investment objectives and tolerance for risk. A long-term asset allocation plan is then designed, specifying the target commitments to stocks, bonds, cash, and other types of investment, always keeping in mind the client's personal financial situation. The objective of the plan is to deliver the long-term investment returns at the lowest possible risk.

Chertok Investment Group believes that over the long-term, the best returns are achieved through investment in equities, therefore in signing on to a plan, the client is indicating a willingness to accept some degree of risk.

Since the market can suffer significant corrections, an important role of Chertok Investment Group is to provide the client with the reassurance he or she needs during periods of market volatility and to assist them in resisting the temptation to market time, thereby improving their chances of achieving their long-term financial goals.

Chertok Investment Group custodies its clients' portfolios at Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Schwab Institutional is a leader in providing custodial services to investment managers and has been offering these specialized institutional services for over ten years. Schwab Institutional supplies a state-of-the-art information system that provides instant access to Chertok Investment Group on all of your account balances and information.